Bookings & Payments

All bookings are secured by a NON-REFUNDABLE deposit and the amount is determined on the type of event you are booking.


For all bookings an intial deposit of 25% is required and following this payment your booking will be confirmed, the outstanding balance is due 14 days before the event date.


Security deposits will be payable and added to all bookings and refunded on the condition that no loss/damage has been made to any equipment on hire/loan from Hungry Tums Catering or any Third Party Company.


By making payment you are excepting our terms & conditions.


Once you have paid your intial booking deposit we will invoice you which will show your deposit paid along with any other payments outstanding and the amounts and date to be paid by.


Payments can be made by on the below payment methods.

Cheques are only excepted with prior arrangement.

No cheques are accepted on the day of your event and full payment must be received by the due date as stated on your invoice,usually 14 days in advance.


We have the right to cancel your booking if any outstanding monies are owed on the day of your event & NO REFUNDS WILL BE GIVEN TO ANY MONIES  ALREADY PAID.



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